Spring is officially here, and at Kia of Dartmouth we want to make sure your Kia sedan or crossover is ready to shake off winter! Just like you're excited to take off your winter boots and get into some open-toed shoes (or at least some lighter sneakers), so too is your Kia ready to get off those big snow tires and change into its spring set.

Why should you change your tires out?

  • Snow tires are more expensive than all-season tires, so you want to maintain the tread as much as possible
  • If you have winter tires with studs, by law you need to make sure they're off by the end of April (plus, they're really loud!)
  • Snow tire rubber is meant to work at lower temperatures, so as it starts to get warmer they won't perform at their best

We can help!

If you're ready to take your tires off, schedule an appointment at our service center and we'll have you in and out in no time. If your all-seasons from last year had low tread, you can order a new set before the appointment. When you get a new set of tires, you can ask us to check your alignment so that the tires start wearing evenly right away.

What if I don't need a tire changeover?

If you didn't rock winter tires during the last few months, you aren't completely off the hook when it comes to tire care. Now that the temps are shifting, you'll want to begin checking your tire pressure. Properly inflated tires help with fuel-ratings and traction. Don't rely on your Tire Pressure Monitoring System, because by the time it goes off, your tire pressure is way below optimal levels. On our tire service link above, we walk you through how to check and adjust your tire pressure.

For more information on spring tire service, or other seasonal services you should get for your Kia, give us a call.

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