Fall has arrived, which means winter is right around the corner. Eventually, that means those white flakes will soon be falling from the sky. At least you have the rainy season to hold you over until it really starts to get cold. Don't put off winter maintenance for you Kia, just because winter is still a month away. Get winter ready by visiting the service department at Kia of Dartmouth and avoid getting caught off guard.

Check Your Tires

Besides your engine, your tires are most affected by the change in temperatures. A change in barometric pressure leads to a drop in air pressure. Always make sure your tires are properly inflated. Doing a monthly check can go a long way to ensure you have the right amount of air pressure. Low air pressure causes more wear and tear on your tires. So check your manual to see where they need to be.

There are few things more dangerous, than finding out the hard way your tires don't have enough tread on them. Checking your tread is as easy as measuring it with a penny. Find the top of Honest Abe's head and if you see it, your tread is too low and you need to replace your tires. Low tread can mean the difference between making it to Raynham safely or colliding with something, or someone, in Swansea. Kia of Dartmouth is prepared to outfit you with winter tires, designed to tackled the New Bedford winter roads.

Winter Maintenance at Kia of Dartmouth

When the temperature starts to fall, your car will notice. Don't head to Grandma's house in Plymouth without visiting the Kia of Dartmouth service team. They know how to best prepare your Kia for the brutal winter. Starting with your oil change. Oil thickens in colder temperatures, so you need a different viscosity oil, look for the "W", meaning winter.

You don't want to learn the hard way you have a low battery. Let us check your battery level to determine whether you have enough battery fluid to get you to your destination. A will also lose its charge quicker in colder weather.

Be prepared this winter driving season. Visit Kia of Dartmouth and let us get your Kia ready to tackle any condition. From your tires, to your battery and wipers, you'll get your car winter ready.

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