Keeping your car's interior clean is important, and it's especially critical now. So, how can you keep your car disinfected? What's the best way to clean your car? What shouldn't you do? Here at Kia of Dartmouth, we have a few tips to help you clean and disinfect your car safely so that you can enjoy a healthier environment in your vehicle without causing damage.

What products should I use to disinfect my car?

Disinfectant wipes are the best option. These wipes can help you clean the surfaces in your car's cabin without damaging interior materials and causing a mess. If you find that disinfectant wipes are difficult to come by, scrubbing with good old soap and water will do the trick. Be gentle, though, as scrubbing too hard can remove dyes and surface coatings.

What shouldn't I use to disinfect my car?

Avoid hydrogen peroxide and bleach. While these products are hard to beat in terms of their cleaning power, they can also cause damage to the vinyl and plastic parts in your car. You should also avoid ammonia-based cleaners.

What should I focus on disinfecting in my car?

Your steering wheel should get plenty of love if you're disinfecting your car because that's where your hands spend most of their time when you're driving. Clean all the surfaces of the steering wheel.

You should also wipe down your gear selector, radio controls, turn indicator stalks, paddle shifters, and other controls. We also recommend wiping down high-touch surfaces like the center console armrests, doors, cupholders, air vents, and your door handles.

Try going through the motions of getting in and out of your car. The places you touch are the ones that will need the most attention while you're disinfecting!

We hope you find these tips helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Kia service center in Dartmouth.

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