Your car has many moving parts. These parts suffer a lot of wear and tear as you drive around Dartmouth doing everyday activities like going to the store, taking the kids to school, and commuting to work. After a while, these parts will break down. A car that does not work the way it should is frustrating and can cost you time and money to get it repaired. You can prevent this from happening by bringing your car in for routine maintenance at the service center at Kia of Dartmouth.

When To Get Your Vehicle Serviced

Different car and truck models need regular maintenance at different intervals. You should check the owner’s manual to see when the manufacturer recommends bringing your vehicle in for routine maintenance. In general, you should bring your vehicle in for an oil change every 7,500 to 10,000 miles and every 30,000 for routine maintenance.

Important Routine Maintenances

When you get an oil change, the service technician will replace or refill many fluids. These fluids include:

  • Engine oil
  • Brake fluid
  • Radiator coolant
  • Power steering fluid

You will get an oil change during routine maintenance service. You will also get many of your vehicle’s mechanical parts inspected, fixed, or replaced if necessary. Some of these parts include:

  • Air and fluid filters
  • Drive and timing belts
  • Chains and hoses
  • Spark plugs and brake pads

Do not risk ignoring the need to take your car in for routine maintenance. It is better to take preventative measures at a reasonable cost now than to have costly major repair work done later.

You do not need to wait until you reach the recommended mileage to take your car in for maintenance. If you notice any issues with how your vehicle operates, bring it to our service department in Dartmouth. Our service technicians will be happy to fix the problems you are having with your vehicle.

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