Top Kia Sorento features you won't see on the competitors

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?The 2019 Kia Sorento is hands-down our most popular model. The three-row crossover is a hit with families who want a vehicle that is still easy to maneuver, but also has a third-row for those occasional carpooling needs. The Sorento has some tough segment competition, but today we're going to show off top features that the Sorento has that its competitors don't.

The Kia Sorento vs the Toyota Highlander

The Kia Sorento comes standard with a touchscreen. You can use the UVO™ infotainment system or choose either Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™, depending on your compatible smartphone. 



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The 2017 Kia Soul | A Unique Style for a Reliable Drive


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If you’ve been deciding on finding the perfect Kia vehicle that fits your personality, stand out from the rest of the cars and crossovers on the highway with the 2017 Kia Soul. A simple ride with a spacious interior that promotes a new age style to the roadways. Drivers who are searching for something uniquely different will find a new way to spend every commute with the five-passenger Kia Soul model.

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Benefits of Going for Tire Rotation Service

Going for tire rotation is an essential aspect of your vehicle’s good maintenance. It would ensure that your tires lasts much longer and do not get worn out much sooner than you expected. Many times, people buy tires and expect them to continue for the period as mentioned in the warranty manual, but unfortunately, the tires wear out much sooner.
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Stop in Today for a New Car Battery

The electrical components of your vehicle run off of the battery under the hood. Without the battery, the engine won’t turn over, your headlights won’t come on, and you can’t use your windshield wipers when it rains. Unfortunately, your car battery will eventually get weak and die, but there a few simple things you can watch out for that will tell you when your battery is nearing the end.
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Make a Monthly Inspection a Habit

Do a habitual monthly inspection on your tires. A lot can happen in a month. For instance, tires lose an average of 1 PSI over the period of a month, which may not seem like a lot, but it can really add up. Temperature can also have an effect on the pressure in your tires, and heat buildup can actually damage your tires. It's great to do a visual check so you can spot things like uneven tread, bald spots, or cracks but it's best to check tire pressure with a tire gauge. Also be sure that all…

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The Compact Sedan that Breaks Barriers

For many years the a compact sedan was nothing more than a basic car that was incredibly affordable that had one purpose, basic transportation. Now consumers want more from the cars that they buy and expect features that were commonly found in models that were much expensive. There is only one sedan that truly gives buyers everything they are looking for and that is the 2017 Kia Forte.

The 2017 Kia Forte is a modern, sleek and refined sedan that is ready to turn heads everywhere. The outside is highlighted by the large headlights, Tiger Nose Grill, and sleek body…

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