Joe Adao


General Manager

Dana Lewis
General Manager
508-999-2542 x:2011

Move over Bobby Orr, there's a new GOAT in town! Meet Dana Lewis, our General Manager at Kia of Dartmouth. The Greatest of All Time on any team not only fields the most difficult challenges, but also brings out the best in those around him- this is no less true of Dana. For Dana, it's all about family. He works hard to promote a welcoming environment for employees and customers alike, establishing a solid rapport for the long term. While Dana
emphasizes that each team member is responsible for the group's success, he also enjoys watching growth within the dealership: employees being promoted, his staff developing professionally and personally, getting married, having children, buying their first home. Their growth stems from the job they do at the dealership, and Dana takes much pride in helping them achieve their goals, and that he can provide the opportunity for them.

Dana's customers describe him as understanding, compassionate, and gracious. Dana works tirelessly to ensure his customers' needs are met. He is always willing to go above and beyond to get the task done, whether it's making a phone call to get that specific vehicle for a customer or securing financing with the banks for clients with a challenging credit history.

This is a family business, and Dana intends to keep it that way. Kia of Dartmouth's reputation and customer relationships are of the utmost importance because he expects the dealership to continue serving you through the generations.

Outside of the office, family is no less important! Dana and his wife never miss their children's sports games-or the opportunity to host a cookout for the neighborhood kids. Dana lets loose playing hockey for the local men's league or going on a date night with his leading lady. The whole family enjoys spending time with their cavapoo Marshy, who has become the showroom
mascot here at Kia of Dartmouth!

Dana's committed leadership is what informs the values of our dealership, and we couldn't be more proud to have him as our General Manager. To schedule an appointment with him, please call 866-856-4104 and ask for Dana Lewis.


Sales Manager

Mike Fortuna
General Sales Manager
508-999-2542 x2020

Ricardo Bernardino
Sales Manager
508-999-2542 x:2010

Richard Pacheco
Used Car Manager
508-999-2542 ext:2021



Steve Almonte
Sales and Leasing Consultant

Steve Almonte-always looking out for the little guy, Steve is already proving himself to be a real AVENGER on our team!

Honest, straightforward, and absolutely dedicated to his customers. Prior to joining the Kia family, Steve was in Law Enforcement, and uses his expertly honed moral compass to serve you!

Recently, Steve encountered a tough situation: a client who had struggled with credit, and had been denied financing at many other dealerships. Steve knew he was a good guy that deserved a win, so he persevered. With patience and commitment, he was able to get him the car he needed.

"It was such a great feeling to not only be the sales consultant to do the work to get him approved, but to see his gratitude and sense of relief. That will always stick with me."

Steve is a dedicated supporter of MO Life, a non-profit that provides support for individuals with developmental disabilities. He also donates to Lifestream, which offers a continuum of care for individuals with disabilities.

When he's not at work or saving the world, Steve enjoys spending time with his fiancé and two children. They love going out on their boat to catch the best of the New England summer, and watch movies when the weather turns. He's also a huge football fan-GO PATS!

Do you need help buying or leasing a car? Schedule an appointment with Steve Almonte and call 866-856-4104!

David DeOliveira
Sales & Leasing Consultant
508-999-2542 x:2014

 Meet the man, the myth, the legend - David DeOliveira.

🥇 "The man" needs no introduction at all; his extensive list of awards speaks for him. His achievements are so impressive that his awards create awards for him.
🙌🏻 🏆2020 Platinum Award (KIA's most prestigious award) and Hawaii Award (Awarded to the "Elite" of Platinum Award recipients)
🏆2019 Platinum (KIA's most prestigious award), Top 100 in the NATION, #1 in District
🏆2016 - 2018 Gold Awards 🙌🏻
👀 Between his stellar list of awards, his roster of clients, and record-breaking performance, it's no wonder that David is a most esteemed Sales Advisor at KIA of Dartmouth. 👀
🤝 When it comes to exceptional customer care, look no further. David handles each day like a BOSS! From the moment he steps into the showroom, he skillfully manages every aspect of the sales and lease process for his customers. Each customer experience is carefully crafted to meet their needs, likes, wants, and price. That's why David's customers keep coming back year after year. His referral list is so long there's a waiting list to see him.
🚘 With five years at KIA of Dartmouth, he has been an integral part of the growth and the evolution of the dealership. He has helped friends, family, and the community by navigating their car shopping journey with the utmost care and precision. This level of customer service has earned David an award reserved only for the elite in the business, which is the prestigious and coveted Hawaiian trip award. 🏝
🤩 We are in awe of his innate ability to problem solve and get the deal done for his customers, even when challenged. No credit history is too challenging for David; he gets his customers approved and safely back on the road in the Kia they deserve!
⚖️ Balance is a big part of David's life, and thanks to that, he has never failed to be a strong presence in family activities while also accomplishing outstanding goals and earning awards at work.
🍔🌭 When David is away from the showroom, he is at the family table sharing stories and laughs with loved ones. Being a grill master is one of David's many talents, so of course, the family dinner is prepared by no other than "the man." On his day off, David loves to safely pack the family and pets in the family Sportage and hit the road for spontaneous explorations and adventures. 🐶 🛶 🏕
🎉 David has spent six years mastering his craft in the automotive industry, and five of them have been at Kia of Dartmouth. We're thrilled to have him on our team, and we're sure you will be too. To schedule an appointment with David, call 866-856-4104 and ask for David DeOliveira.

Keith Brady
Sales & Leasing Consultant
508-999-2542 x2015

Meet Keith Brady; the verdict is still out on whether Keith is the Tom Brady or Rocky Balboa of Kia of Dartmouth! Between his constant desire to be a leader, his win-win approach, and his "go the distance" attitude, he has shown to be one of the most outstanding sellers in the dealership. Some would say he is the perfect underdog story of the guy that managed to take the belt when as a rookie in sales, the odds of being "the best" seemed a distance away.
🚘 Keith is the type of salesperson that quarterbacks every transaction of the car buying process for his customers. He is described as a straightforward, helpful, and resourceful person. His customers often comment on how comfortable they feel because, like a true champion, they know Keith will go the extra yard to get them the financing they couldn't get elsewhere. Keith puts on "the gloves" for his customers and enters the ring to handle payment and transaction protocols on their behalf to ensure the completion of their pay-off, so they can seamlessly drive off in their new vehicle from Kia of Dartmouth.
🏈 Keith is a sports enthusiast and huge fan of the Pat's, Red Sox, and Celtics. When he isn't watching a sports game, Keith is at the dog park with his three canine kids; Frankie, Myla, and Brooklyn. In the evening, Keith is a man about town, hitting up the "Foodie" scene in Providence, Downtown Newport, and a couple of his favorite spots in Bristol County. As the dog days of summer approach, Keith looks forward to afternoons playing whiffle ball and enjoying warm summer nights with family and friends.
🥇 With three years under his belt in the automotive industry, Keith has achieved more than most sellers achieve in a decade. Be it for buying or leasing; customers know that they can count on Keith to help them make the best decision based on their lifestyle and budget. That level of customer service that he provides to each customer has been of paramount importance in his journey. We're thrilled to have Keith on our team, and we're sure you will be too. To schedule an appointment call 866-856-4104 and ask for Keith Brady!

Tracy Johnson
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Carlos Dasilva
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Meet Carlos DaSilva, our very own "Rookie of the Year."
Unlike the character "Henry," Carlos didn't get his talent from a freak incident; he's a natural-born leader and a proven star player! Carlos applies his real-world experiences, determination, and sense of humor to win over naysayers, so his customers not only get the vehicle they want but the financing they deserve!
If you've been fortunate enough to work with Carlos as either a client or colleague, you'll understand how in as little as eight months, he has size-ably contributed to the Kia of Dartmouth team.
When others clock out and head home for the night, Carlos is crunching numbers at his desk skillfully working each deal to ensure the best price for his customer. We've all heard that being a rookie requires extra hours, but in Carlos' car, this is his inborn work ethic. And because of that, we see a bright future for Carlos.
A great example of this magnifico is when Carlos helped a customer who had totaled her vehicle and had been in a rental because she had no luck getting financing at other dealerships. That was until she stumbled upon Car Wiz Carlos! Carlos got her the funding she needed, and before she knew it, she was riding off into the sunset in a brand new Kia. And for far less than what she had been paying for the rental.
If you want to catch Carlos on his day off, he can be found trekking trails with his Golden Retriever and French Bulldog, soaking up rays of sunshine at local beaches, and kicking a soccer ball with family, friends, and his canine kids. In the evening hours, you're likely to find Carlos with his fur babies at woof-friendly eateries around town.
With eight months under his hat in the automotive industry, Carlos has proven himself as a diligent professional, team player, and integral part of the Kia of Dartmouth team; we can't imagine the showroom without him in it. We're thrilled to have Carlos on our team, and we're sure you will be too. To schedule an appointment with Carlos, call 866-856-4104 and ask for Carlos DaSilva.

Keith Lourenco
Sales & Leasing Consultant

🦸🏻‍♂️ Meet Keith; he's the superhero at the dealership. It's not just his infatuation with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his customers seem to think he has superpowers too!
Keith always has his customer's budget in mind, his top superpower is finding you the best bang for your buck! He has established a reputation for being friendly, positive, trustworthy and resourceful - like his hero, Captain America. 🇺🇸
Keith recently used all of these powers to rescue a customer from the clutches of a bad deal and faulty vehicle at another dealership. The customer had purchased a vehicle from a "buy here pay here" dealership who refused to fix the vehicle or accept a return or exchange. Keith grabbed his shield and accompanied the customer to the other dealership, explained the legal rights the customer had, and ultimately the dealership accepted the return. The customer was overjoyed to be able to return their faulty car to the villain and leave Kia of Dartmouth with a brand new Kia Optima that they loved. All thanks to Keith's resourcefulness and dedication!
When Keith isn't rescuing customers and finding deals, you can find him with his family. Keith has three wonderful children who he proudly cheers on at Bay State Softball. Keith and his family are animal lovers too, you can frequently spot them among the snow leopards, elephants, and giraffes at the Roger William Park Zoo or at home with their pets. 🐶🐾
Keith has more than twelve years of experience and has been an employee of KIA of Dartmouth for over ten years. He enjoys helping people get into a reliable vehicle that meets their budget. He is known for his product knowledge and honesty. We're thrilled to have him on our team and we're sure you will be too. To schedule an appointment with Keith just call 866-856-4104 and ask for Keith Lourenco!

Robbie Lovegrove
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Phil Sa
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Meet Phillip Sa! An experienced team player, he's a real MVP on our squad
here at Kia of Dartmouth. With 9 years in the game, his deep familiarity with
automotive parts lends him the knowledge and versatility you need to make
your winning play for a new car!

Although new to sales, Phillip has been on staff at Kia of Dartmouth for seven
years. He really knows what makes our vehicles tick, and uses his insights to set you up with the perfect car for your needs. Helpful and efficient, a rewarding day for Phillip entails tackling challenges head on while expertly attending to both his co-workers and his clients.

Phillip's customers describe him as being extremely detail oriented, while his
co-workers remark on his speedy turnaround and efficiency. His hard work and tenacity have paid off-Phillip is a 6 year Kia Certified Master Level Parts
Specialist to boot!

Phillip isn't just passionate about cars-on the weekends you'll find him enjoying time with his family and friends. Being super competitive, he loves playing hockey and football. Phillip is a die-hard Packers fan, but his tenure in the region has brought a strong appreciation for the Celtics and Bruins as well as international soccer.

We're happy to share the field with this dedicated, detail oriented, helpful and
friendly player, and can't wait for you to meet him! To schedule an appointment with Phillip, call 866-856-4104 and ask for Phillip Sa.



Rick Medieros
Shop Foreman

Meet Rick Medeiros; Rick takes perfection to the tenth power as Shop Foreman at Kia f Dartmouth. He's such a perfectionist he even competes with himself to ensure all areas of the Service Department are top-notch and that his staff are working at optimal levels of efficiency.

Rick makes it his mission to greet every customer, check every  work order, and follow up to make sure his customers are happily and safely back on the road. He works hard to ensure that his customers and everyone who works under his supervision feel seen, heard, and cared for. Some think he's a bit much, but we love his keen eye and passion for excellent service because our customers tell us how great an experience they have in our service department, which keeps them coming back year over year.

He is known for his friendly nature, his reliability, knowledge, and his resourcefulness. All qualities that don't hide the fact that he is a fun-loving individual who is trustworthy and never denies a smile to his customers or co-workers.

When Rick is not working at Kia of Dartmouth, he loves to spend time engaged in marine life exploration, boating with family and friends, dinners with his family, and hunting and fishing. Just like a true nature buff and a family guy would.

Rick has over 16 years of experience in the automotive industry, which he has spent at Kia of Dartmouth with an excellent customer satisfaction record. He has proudly held a Master Certified Kia ASE Certificate for the past 14 years. His work ethic, skills, and passion for the job have turned him into a legend here at Kia of Dartmouth. We are thrilled to have Rick on our team. and we're sure you will be too. To schedule an appointment with Rick, just call 866-856-4104 and ask for Rick Medeiros.

David Viveiros
Service Manager
508-999-2542 x2036

Meet David Viveiros, Our mastermind of operations. David is a KIA Master Certified professional that proudly sports a truly amazing beard with talents that equal its size. His achievements with this company have been more than notable, which is why his customers and their families continue to service their vehicles at Kia of Dartmouth for the life of the vehicle; some say it's the beard; we tend to think it's the whole package.
Given his ability to ensure customer satisfaction by overseeing all aspects of service, parts, and reconditioning departments, he has always been the type of person who prides himself on out-of-the- box strategies. He also understands the importance of building a like-minded team that follows the customer-oriented environment and exceptional work practices that David enforces with impeccable ethics.
A Kia of Dartmouth veteran, David has been involved in the automotive industry for 24 years, and this journey has led to KIA's Platinum Prestige Awards in 2019 and 2020. It is inspiring to see that while David continues to be an outstanding example of excellence here at KIA of Dartmouth, he has also served his community selflessly for over 14 years as an accomplished and seasoned paramedic for the Emergency Medical Service.
We're unsure if David's masterful skills come straight out of his beard, so if you haven't seen it yet, don't fret, it's unlikely that he will be without it any time soon.
When David isn't safeguarding his customers' vehicles at Kia of Dartmouth or modeling his beard, he is with his family. Quality time with family is an essential part of David's life, and with his wife and four children vying for his time, David knows he must orchestrate his time wisely. Mission accomplished with family game and movie nights! To David, there's nothing better than enjoying video games with his kids and an occasional horror movie with his wife.
With more than 24 years of experience in the repair and service sectors of the industry, rest assured that your vehicle is in the safest of hands. David will go to lengths equal to his famed beard to ensure that his customers get what they want, and he will exceed expectations to give them what they need - all to help them save money and time.
We're thrilled to have David on our team, and we're sure you will be too. To schedule an appointment with David, call 866-856-4104 and ask for David Viveiros.

Shawn Raymond
Service Advisor
508-999-2542 x2032

👋🏻 Meet Shawn Raymond, the man is compared with a compass because he sets you in the best direction possible as he navigates available options to ensure that you get the results you want and need. We are talking about the kind of professional that is proud to have received three awards from Kia Motors America as a top ServiceAdvisor in the Region, and those awards sit proudly on display at his desk, inviting you to leave your warranty and insurance claim worries behind!
Shawn is the liaison between service technicians at the dealership, and he is the optimal guidance that customers can find when they have vehicle problems and need them repaired.
🤔 Think of him as the ultimate assistant in the process of helping you schedule your service appointments, determining the problems with your vehicles, and creating accurate repair descriptions - all while he orchestrates and conducts inspections and test drives. A true renaissance man of the dealership world!
He makes life easier for anyone who has to traverse the endless protocols and fine-print headaches of insurance and warranties. With his experience, he can simplify this process to help you obtain optimal benefits.
⚾️ Shawn is a man with many talents; when he is not providing stellar advice to vehicle owners at Kia of Dartmouth, you can find him behind the bar at St. James Pub - responsibly serving his patrons with creatively concocted libations. He spends his free time enjoying life's simple pleasures like spending time with family, playing baseball, and video games. 🎮
🥇 With more than ten years of experience in the automotive industry and seven years as a service advisor, you can be sure that Shawn is going to help you come out on top with your vehicle's service, warranty, and insurance claims. His customers regularly describe Shawn as providing an impeccable level of customer service and work ethic, making him the right person for the job.
👏🏻 Review from KIA Motors America: "Best customer service I have ever received ANYWHERE!" We're thrilled to have him on our team, and we're sure you will be too."
Ask for Shawn! 866-856-4104

Stephanie Hickey
Service Advisor
508-999-2542 x2031


Internet Sales

Shay Correia
BDC Manager

🪄 Shaylene Correia, Business Development Manager
👋🏻 Meet Shaylene; she is the "Oz" of Kia of Dartmouth. Shaylene and her team are the unseen magicians behind your computer screen. Much like Oz himself, Shaylene appears in different forms - first as a disembodied voice, and then the great and powerful is revealed upon your arrival on the showroom floor!
🚘 Shaylene often meets customers who have been disappointed elsewhere and makes it her mission to ensure you find your dream car and that you have the best experience possible at Kia of Dartmouth.
✅ Shaylene's goal is to help her customers with their homework. She knows your time is precious, so before you come in, she works with you by email and phone so that when you arrive at Kia of
Dartmouth, you are just there to sign the paperwork. As you are test driving your new car and dreaming about the adventures that await, Shaylene is busily working behind the scenes with the 🥇Kia of Dartmouth sales staff to make sure you drive off happy. When she isn't at Kia of Dartmouth, you can find this motorcycle mama with her twelve-year-old twin boys and fiancé. When Shaylene is not finding peace on the open highway or gaming with her sons, you can find her at the beach, taking in the scenery. 🏖
⭐️ Shaylene has 17 years of experience working in the automotive industry and has been at Kia of Dartmouth for two years. Shaylene worked her way up by starting as a receptionist while working in North Carolina. Now, she runs the team responsible for your experience as you
purchase your beautiful new car. We're thrilled to have Shaylene on our team, and we're sure you will be too. To schedule an appointment with her, call 866-856-4104 and ask for Shaylene.

Jessica Dussault
BD Agent
508-999-2542 x2017

Meet Jessica, one of the unseen magicians behind your computer screen. Around the dealership, we like to call her "blitz" because she is as quick on her feet as she is with her fingertips as she vigorously responds to every inquiry that enters the Kia of Dartmouth inbox.
👩‍💻 Jessica works diligently to ensure the needs of every online inquiry are met with the highest of standards. Whether searching for that specific Kia you've been dreaming of, setting an appointment to finally get behind the wheel and take your dream machine for a test drive, or to prequalify for credit, Jess is busily working behind the scenes making the magic happen.
She has managed to help customers near and far find the perfect vehicle for their lifestyle and budget. Like her customer Jan from Attleboro. Jan had totaled her vehicle and needed immediate transportation but was denied credit from other lenders. Jessica waved her wand and not only got Jan approved for financing, but she also worked the numbers with management so Jan could drive off in the exact vehicle she wanted. No compromises or delays, just a seamless and straightforward process is what you will find while working with Jessica.
This is the reason why her customers have often described her as a "ball of energy."
🐾 When she is not behind the blue screen at work, you will find this super-mom of 3 spending quality time with her daughters, taking her girls and their pooch Bella to the local dog park, and cooking up family recipes in the kitchen. She also enjoys letting her feet loose on the dance floor with her friends from time to time.
🎉 With two years of experience at KIA of Dartmouth answering phones, setting appointments, and handling an array of online inquiries, all while maintaining her spunky personality, we've come to rely on her ability to get the job done for our customers. We're thrilled to have Jessica on our team, and we're sure you will be too. To schedule an appointment with her, call 866-856-4104 and ask for Jessica Dussault.



Roy Castro
Part Manager
508-999-2542 x:2050



Marissa Kara
Finance Manager
508-999-2542 x2061