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Everyone knows that oil changes are crucial for the upkeep or your vehicle, but fewer know why or when they should get an oil change. At Kia of Dartmouth, we serve Bourne and beyond by providing not only expert oil changes but also the information that you need to keep your engine in peak condition. With routine oil changes and some additional knowledge, you can save time and energy servicing your car.

Find out why our Kia dealership near Plymouth is trusted with so many oil changes.

The Importance of Oil Changes

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Raynham drivers don't need to know much about the mechanics of an engine to know that there are a lot of metal components moving against one another to generate lots of power. Engines naturally produce heat and friction, and that's where motor oil comes in. Motor oil reduces both heat and friction to keep your engine running smoothly.

As time goes on, engine particles and debris can get past your oil filter and enter the oil. The oil becomes dirtier and less effective over time, which means that the oil needs changing. Without routine oil changes, your engine can overheat and warp, causing serious damage and costly repairs. Regular oil changes ensure that you maximize the longevity of your engine.

When and Where to Change Your Oil

Typically, it's recommended to change your oil every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. However, that interval can change depending on your driving habits and oil type. At Kia of Dartmouth, we provide expert auto service, ensuring that oil changes are done right the first time and saving you time and money. We carry various oil types to match to your vehicle.

Some of the oil types we offer include:

  • Conventional Motor Oil
  • High-Mileage Motor Oil
  • Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
  • Full Synthetic Motor Oil

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